Inaugural Teenteer Program Wraps Up

The inaugural group of Teenteers wrapped up their experience at Regional Medical Center in July. The program provided high school students the opportunity to work in a healthcare environment, while giving back to their community. The Teenteer Program was an eight week learning experience, filled with chances to learn about the healthcare industry as well as a chance to start developing the leadership skills needed to be successful in this industry.

This year there were 17 students who participated in the program. During the program students had the opportunity to assist in everyday healthcare duties such as the admission, discharge and transfer of patients and they benefitted from time working under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Participants got the chance to visit Bioworks and Medtronic for tours and to discuss non-clinical job opportunities.  

“I believe the Teenteer program provided smart, up and coming, students the ability to have many experiences in the healthcare arena, that will provide them the opportunity to consider career options,” shared David Edwards, Director of Food and Nutrition Services. Edwards also said that the volunteers worked a day each in the cafeteria, Starbucks, and patient services, and they were able to work alongside team members of the department learning about their operation.

Along with Food and Nutrition, they also had experiences in Rehabilitation Services, Women and Baby Services, Materials Management and the Trauma Center. The staff welcomed the Teenteers into their departments and provided valuable insights and life skills to the students.