Supreme Court Ruling A Positive Step

Supreme Court Ruling Today a Positive Step Towards Meaningful Health Reform

Statement from: Tish Towns, FACHE

Senior Vice President of External Relations

Regional Medical Center at Memphis


Today's Supreme Court ruling upholding the healthcare law was an important and positive step towards meaningful health reform.  The Supreme Court decision removes some of the uncertainty for providers as they move forward in creating innovative solutions to improve the delivery of healthcare, reducing costs and helping to ensure that access to quality healthcare, including a focus on primary and preventative care, will be available to our most vulnerable citizens. 

Systemic change is necessary in the nation’s healthcare delivery system if we, as a country, are going to create a viable and sustainable delivery system. The upholding of the Affordable Care Act allows providers to continue their work in redesigning the healthcare delivery system to better address access, quality and cost. Regional Medical Center at Memphis remains committed to making substantial and sustainable change to ensure that all patients in our communities have access to quality and efficient healthcare services.