Women's Services Enhancements Aim for Happy New Moms

Whether mom and baby are with us for a short stay following a routine delivery or if extended care is required, we want our patients to have a pleasant and comfortable birthing experience in our hospital. Special meals, gifts designed to pamper and educational materials to guide mom through the postpartum experience are all part of the enrichments in Women's Services at Regional Medical Center at Memphis. 

“Our clinical care for new moms and babies is second to none in this community, and with recent improvements made in the patient experience, the level of comfort matches that level of care,” said Catresa Jackson, Interim Nursing Director of Women’s Services. “New mothers are now enjoying benefits expressly designed to celebrate them and the new addition to their family.”

Spa gifts including house shoes and bath supplies are placed in the rooms now to provide a little extra pampering to the new mom. A book entitled “A New Beginning” is also shared with new moms. The educational booklets address self care and baby care topics. It is a wonderful resource to new parents as they navigate issues that may arise during this exciting but anxious time. We are also now offering special celebratory meals on the day of discharge. New moms can choose from a special menu including beef tenderloin, lamb chops and jumbo shrimp and scallops.

Renovations have recently been completed to bring the comforts of home into the post partum rooms. The rooms now feature warm paint colors and artwork, as well as an updated design in the sink areas and bathrooms.