Expansion and Renovation Plans Q&A

Expansion and Renovation Q&A

What projects were approved by the Board on July 24? 

The projects include expansions in the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center and the Firefighters Regional Burn Center. The projects also include the build out of three vacant floors in the Turner Tower for the relocation of the inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital, an Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Unit and acute care patient rooms.

Why is the hospital investing so much in building improvements when the long-term plan is to build a new facility?

The majority of the renovations and improvements are being made in Turner Tower. Turner Tower was constructed in 1992. As one of the newest buildings on campus, it can better accommodate modern and more patient-centered care facilities, and will be easily incorporated into future development plans.  This expansion and renovation will help improve service to patients and the community by expanding the existing capacity, as well as create an improved working environment for the physicians and other healthcare providers.   It is a significant step in our efforts to improve and redevelop our campus.

These renovations are a significant financial investment.  Does this mean the hospital no longer needs additional funding for capital improvements in the future?

These improvements are a necessary first step in providing quality, accessible care for our community.  However, the continued and heightened involvement from philanthropists and community members is vital as we move forward with our vision. 

What is the scope of these projects?  What improvements are being made?

First, the Critical Care Assessment (CCA) area in the Trauma Center will be renovated.  The design of the Critical Care Assessment area is outdated and includes limited assessment space.  The current design contributes to disjointed workflow, creating operational inefficiencies. Square footage will be added in the Trauma Center, modernizing and increasing the amount of assessment space. 

Second, the Turner Tower Build Out project encompasses the completion of currently unused space, as well as the relocation, creation and expansion of several patient care areas.  The Turner Tower project includes:

  • Relocation, expansion and modernization of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.
  • Creation of a new Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Unit, including three operating rooms.
  • Opening of a 24 private room unit for adult acute care patients. 
  • Relocation of the Critical Care Waiting.
  • Expansion of the dedicated Burn inpatient surgery suite to accommodate a second operating room.  

When will the construction be completed? 

Renovation work in CCA is scheduled to begin soon and is projected to be complete in December 2012.  The hospital is required to obtain state approval for portions of the Turner Tower project and will file a Certificate of Need within the next month.  After approval is granted, the Turner Tower project should be completed in stages over the next year and a half.  Work to add the surgery suite in the Burn Center will begin first.  The remaining projects will follow with an estimated completion date of December 2013. 

How much money will this construction cost?

All of these projects combined will cost approximately $32,400,000. The Critical Care Assessment Expansion is projected to cost $2,400,000.  The cost of the Turner Tower project is $30 million.