"Fightin' For The MED" Event July 24


Grateful Mississippi Family Organizes Wrestling Fundraiser for The MED Foundation

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Agricenter International, The Dome

Tickets sold at the door.

Doors open: 5 p.m.; Opening bell: 7 p.m.

General admission: $10; VIP Seating $15

All proceeds from ticket sales go to The MED Foundation.


Shelia and Jimmy “The Ghostrider” Willard organized a night of wrestling at the Agricenter International July 24 to raise money for The MED Foundation. While one in four people you know may need The MED one day, the Willards have needed it on two separate occasions to save their loved ones.

Residents of Water Valley, the Willards credit The MED with saving Shelia’s daughter, Angela Marie Barley, in 1998 when she was the victim of a drunk driver. A few years later, Jimmy’s son Jason Willard was also saved by The MED after a vicious assault. Beaten and left for dead on a remote Mississippi road, Jason was airlifted to The MED.

“In our situation it wasn’t an issue of insurance, we have it,” said Shelia. “Angela was in another hospital but the doctors said only The MED could save her. With Jason, the air rescue team knew that The MED was his only chance; they didn’t even expect him to make it.”

“Shelia’s been thinking for years about how she can thank The MED,” said Jimmy Willard. “We have this wrestling business, and we do benefits. Shelia got on the phone and got all the wrestlers to commit to donating their time.”

“This is a family-focused, kid-friendly event,” emphasizes Jimmy Willard, who operates Maximum Championship Wrestling. “The wrestlers who participate know that no profanity, drinking or drugs are allowed. We’ve got some great wrestlers lined up, legends and newcomers. Some of the talent you’ll see here you could be seeing on the WWE in a couple of years.” 

“Fightin’ for The MED" brings together more than 15 wrestlers. The Agricenter International is a sponsor. While the wrestler roster may change, fighters on deck for the event include V.I.P., Max Steel, Neil “The Real Deal” Taylor, The Reaper, Cameron Valentine and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock.