Hyperbaric Chamber Earns UHMS Accreditation

The Hyperbaric Facility, within Regional Medical Center’s Wound Care Center, has received full accreditation from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). A survey team comprised of a physician, nurse and technician from the UHMS spent two days reviewing and surveying the hyperbaric chamber and overwhelmingly approved the chamber for accreditation. The three year accreditation demonstrates the extent to which Regional Medical Center at Memphis and its Wound Center are dedicated to excellence and providing the best care possible to patients.

The survey team examined 25 different focus areas on the hyperbaric facilities program, including compliance with State and local codes for the facility, adequacy of the chamber and equipment, staff training, patient safety, and quality of care.

"The accreditation is something we have worked very hard for, and we are excited to finally announce our achievement and what it means for the quality of care our patients receive,” said Bud Rannou, Manager of the Wound Center.

Beyond the accreditation, Rannou and the other staff members who work in the Wound Center plan to improve the hyperbaric program even further. Future plans include upgrades to the equipment, modernizing controls, training additional nurses for hyperbaric certification, improving patient experience within the chamber, and increasing flow in the Wound Center.

The Wound Center is a regional referral center for wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of acute, chronic and non-healing wounds. The Center also accepts referrals from the Divers Alert Network for treating sport and commercial diving accident victims in the Mid-South.  The hyperbaric chamber in the Wound Center can accommodate up to 12 patients at a time.  Regional Medical Center at Memphis is the 145th facility in the United States to receive this distinction and is the only hyperbaric chamber in the area to be accredited by the UHMS.

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