New Surgery Equipment Only at Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center at Memphis Only in Region Using Minimally Invasive Starr Frame System in Surgery

Orthopedic patients are reaping the benefits of new operating room equipment used by surgeons at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. The Starr Frame System is now being used exclusively at the Regional Medical Center and offers a minimally invasive alternative to repair pelvic fractures.

An estimated 60,000 people in the United States sustain a fractured pelvis resulting from high-impact trauma such as traffic accidents or falls each year. Most individuals in this situation face complicated surgeries and lengthy, painful recoveries. New Starr Frame technology available at the Regional Medical Center, home to one of the busiest trauma centers in the country, is changing that for patients.

“The Starr Frame system is a minimally invasive approach, and the post surgery recovery time for patients is much quicker than with traditional ‘open’ procedures,” said Dr. Edward Perez, Medical Director of Orthopedic Services at the Regional Medical Center and orthopedic surgeon with Campbell Clinic. “Using this system is of great value to the patient. Recuperation time is decreased and the possibility of infection or other complications is greatly diminished.”

The Starr Frame system enables surgeons to more precisely repair pelvic fractures with minimal post-surgical scarring and wound pain. The Starr Frame attaches to the operating table and the patient. A series of pins serve as an anchoring point for the surgeon to control and manipulate multiple fractures in various planes. The minimally invasive surgery offers an advanced alternative to traditional “open” reduction of pelvic fractures through a large incision.

The addition of the Starr Frame technology in the operating room at the Regional Medical Center is the latest in a series of enhancements made to orthopedic services at the hospital. In 2010, the hospital opened a newly-renovated 14-bed orthopedic unit dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of orthopedic patients, including total joint replacements.