Patient-Centered Medical Home Primary Care Model

Regional Medical Center at Memphis and BlueCross Partner to Create Patient-Centered Medical Home

New Approach Focuses on Improving Health Care Outcomes and Reducing Medical Costs

A home is typically the root of the family, a place that provides safety and security for all members involved; a place where trust and relationships are built. Using this same concept, the Regional Medical Center at Memphis has partnered with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee to establish a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for BlueCross members in Memphis at their five Health Loop primary care sites.

Health care is frequently delivered in a fragmented manner. One doctor may treat certain conditions, and specialists are trained to treat certain diseases. Lab tests, x-rays, CT scans or other tests can be performed in a number of different locations or even different cities. The PCMH is a model that has been proven to show better results, better costs and higher patient satisfaction levels.

“We’re very excited to be a part of this innovative approach to deliver medical care to our patients and to help further improve on the quality of care we provide,” said Dr. Reginald Coopwood, President and CEO, Regional Medical Center at Memphis. “The most important concept this program enforces is that the patient is a partner in his or her health care and we’re committed to making the most of that relationship.”

In the Health Loop medical homes, the primary care physicians will lead professional health care teams responsible for the ongoing medical care needs of patients. Members of the team work to encourage patients to self-manage their conditions through shared goals, education and health coaches. The goal is to improve quality of care and efficiency by creating partnerships between patients and their primary care physicians.

BlueCross is supporting the PCMH program at the Regional Medical Center by providing additional funding for health information technology, as well as an on-site care coordinator who engages in proactive outreach to patients and community.

“The U.S. health care system is undergoing a massive transformation and every aspect of the industry is under the microscope,” said Dr. Thomas Lundquist, vice president of performance and improvement for BlueCross. “The PCMH model promotes a change in the way care is delivered and financed by fostering unique patient-physician relationships that focus on prevention and primary care.”

The PCMH program allows chronic condition members to receive greater medical access and personalized attention through their primary care physician. The Regional Medical Center has developed a plan to provide patients quick and convenient access to both their medical information and their personal provider. Personal health coaching is also provided.

The Regional Medical Center will seek accreditation from the National Committee on Quality Assurance, an accrediting health care organization that established key standards for PCMH development, for all five Health Loop sites.

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